My gf and I both wear our butt plugs, not only during the day, but also at night. We have many differant sizes and shapes that we share. She is working her way up to plug that has a diameter of 2.5". I'm at 3.5" and she wants me to take a bigger one. My *** is hers and I will do what ever she wants. We love the feeling of having our ***** stretched as wide as possible.Well keep you updated on our progress !
smoothbill smoothbill 51-55, M 5 Responses Jul 4, 2011

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nice !

Mmmm yes it's so nice to be plugged and have your prostate worked on

To the experiences reported here, I would like to add: MY wife and I both live plugged most of the time; I actually wear the MEO XL *** Tunnel. When making love, my wife reaches into me through my tunnel and controls my love making via my prostate; thus she gains full control over my ways to please her.

Dieter, you and your wife are an neverending inspiration and source of ideas! Kudos to you both!

We've made significant progress in the last six months. My gf is able to take and keep in a 3..5" for long peroids of time. I have a 4 " plug in my *** 24/7. We both can't believe the intensity of our ***** being stretched this much. We will move on to bigger and better things as our ***** get use to being stretched this much.

Amazing that you can go so large! Keep us updated!

2.5 is perfect for the night ...