Extremely Curly And Loving It

I was born with insane curles... Thanks impart to being the product of a Black Father and a White Mother. Growing up my parents would always make me get my hair relaxed, Because my dad thought straight hair looks nicer then natural and most likely because my Mom had no idea what to do with a mop of curls.

I always hated getting my hair relaxed the chemicals are harsh, they smell, it would take forever! Not to mention anything that can burn your scalp is probably a very bad thing! So I kept my hair straight because of my parents and then I turned 18 and I just really wanted nothing more to do with the straight hair movement! Straight hair while nice always felt as if it wasn't me. Like I was wearing some kind of disguise. So I waited till after Graduation mostly because my Mom didn't want me to do anything drastic right before I got my Diploma and took the I graduated photos!

I remember going a few days later to Super Cuts and telling the hair dresser to cut off all my hair. She looked at me like I was crazy and tried to reason with me. But I looked straight at her and was like "just cut it leave two inches... yes I'm sure!" all the while thinking to myself sheesh woman it's just hair it'll grow back and it's all damgaed anyway from years of chemicals and hot combs.

Having all that hair chopped off was extremely liberating and freeing I can't even explain it! Seeing my hair finally curl up like it was ment to seeing me the way I should have always been seen is one of the best feelings ever.

It's been about 10 years since I asked them to chop all my hair off and its safe to say that was one of the best choices I have ever made.... And NO I don't plan to ever go back to straight unnatural hair. I love my kinky frizzy all over the place hair!

happypear happypear
26-30, F
Aug 4, 2010