Wearing The Clothes For The First Time!

When i was about 10 years old one of my friends had an older sister that would come over to the house once and a while and we would be playing house, we would pretend we were the simpsons and i use to like to be Lisa. My friends sister use to let me where her clothes when i was playing lisa, and i belive that is were it all started. After that i would always try to sneak wearing her clothes and i even use to steal them from her and hide them in my room. Once and awhile my mom would find them and give them back to my friends sister but i would steal something else from her, and this would go on for a few years, never got caught wearing them though...thank god!! Then one night when i was 14 and i was in her clothes i started to get excited and found out what it was like to ********** and that took it to a whole new level! At 15 i almost got caught and i had quite the collection of her clothes and shoes and even stole my friend from schools cheerleading outfit, so in fear of someone finding my stash of clothes i threw them all away in a goodwill box. At this time i had my first girlfriend so i decided i wasnt going to dress again. A few years went by and and over that time i had broken up with my girlfriend, and got the urge to dress again. I was now 17 and had a job and a car so i worked up the courage to go and buy my own new clothes, and that started a whole new chapter in my dressing. I know have a large collection of clothes, shoes and wigs which i wear when im alone for pleasure, i also am in a relationship with a beautiful girl who does not know i do this. what do all of you think of my situation?
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Do you wash them first

hi would love to see you wearing them,,,have skype

Tell her about it if she really loves u she'll accept you for you. And dont let fear run you. Im 14 and I cross dress and most of the people I have told support me 100%