First Time Wearing Girlfriends Panties

The first time was awesome.  We were making love in her backyard when we heard her parents get home hours early.  I had just filled her with a big load.   She jumped up and ran to the bathroom, telling me to get dressed and act normal.  I dont think they suspected anything from their angel daughter.  Later I used the bathroom and there were her panties just covered in *** (both of ours).  I could not resist seeing if they fit (she had a big ***).  They did, and the wet *** felt so good on my rear.  I put my boxers over them that pulled up my shorts.

I could barely sit still after that feeling all that *** sliding inside my bunns.  I wore them the entire day.  I woke up after a nap that night feeling the crusty *** still on my bunns.  I still love that feeling.


talltabatha talltabatha
46-50, T
Apr 14, 2010