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But Thats Not True

One day you're going to miss me, you're going to Miss Me chasing you, you're going to miss me annoying you, & you're going to miss how much I cared for you.
FromNowUntilForever FromNowUntilForever 18-21, F 1 Response Feb 8, 2013

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I keep saying this about my ex and i also keep asking if anybody thinks that he will regret what he did or if he is thinking of me but I also look at the fact that I'm the one sittin here talking about I hope he misses me and he's gonna regret it but notice who is sitting around writing about him ?? Lol lol am I tryin to convince him or me that he will be thinking of me!!!

thats exactly how i am, i keep looking at pictures & texts & wondering well more like hoping that he's missing me too but if that were the case he would have called or texted or anything really but no, theres only been scilence & i know its torturing only me. thats why the title is "But Thats Not True" cause though i very much wish this heart ache was a two way street, i know im the only one goin through it.

Oh no there is a ton goin they that exact thing, the problem is that we all a t too strong to get suckered like that lol....too bad we all r just that weak when it comes to someone we care about even if that person has " moved on" ! Whatever that means cause I have a hard time believing that within 2 weeks of is breakin up he was in bed and dating another chick, and I'm the one with issues ???

i know what you mean, when i fall for someone no matter how much theyve hurt me im entirly to weak to walk away, guess thats how i get my heart broken. & oh gosh no your not the one with the problem love, if he can move on that quickly than well... please dont kill me for saying this but if it was that easy to move on than maybe he was head over heels in love with you, ive had that happen & it sucks but you seem very high spirited & thats something so good to have when your going through a break up