i've been really dazed lately, i feel numb like he took a part of me when he left . . . but that's impossible, i gave him nothing worthy of taking for fear that he would take all the good that is left of me . . . and surely enough, that's what he did.

then one day i found someone who made me feel alive again, he woke my heart & as cliche as that sounds he very much had me at hello,
but than came goodbye, all too soon because i was shy
you could say i got lost in his eyes & his smile . . . so naturally i did what i do best,
i ran and

of course regretted it but i prefered to live in the play by play of that moment, where i actually smiled again . . . where i actually blushed a deep shade of red.

i told myself next time i would put my very heart out there, even all that's worst of me. But days passed & fear grew that i may have lost my chance, that with time he slipped through my hands...

i thought i saw him, its amazing how your mind can play tricks on you, & how suddenly everyone looks like you... my heart is quite the fool this way & you will never know how much my heart sank, to face the realization that,
he wasn't you.
FromNowUntilForever FromNowUntilForever
18-21, F
Feb 8, 2013