My Mom And Me

ok so i am the only boy in the house since my dad has left. my mom takes care of me and my 2 younger sisters. i am 18 and my sisters are 15 and 13. my family was not rich me and my sisters shared a room and my mom had her own room. we didnt have alot of clothes so when we would wash and dry at the laundrymat it would be basically all of our clothes together. so it all started on a monday. on mondays that was my moms only day off of work and me and my sisters went to the same high school. that moning i took a shower without noticing that i didnt have anymore boxers in my drawer. but since cleaning day is on monday everything was dirty so i go to my mom and tell her (she is wearing a see-thru white nightie w/ a white panty underneath with no bra) she sighed and took her panties down and handed them to me. she said ur going to have to deal with. i was shocked but that was it i had to go to my room and wear white used panties. i wished though that they wear clean but they were the ones that she wore yesterday and all through the night. when i put them on they felt a little snug on my butt because they were a bit small and were giving me a wedgie. i wore some jeans on top and then a shirt. when my mom saw me when i went to the kitchen she said no no no! she pulled my jeans down and grabbed the panties and said u have them backwards! i laughed a little and then switched them around and my mom put my jeans real high so if i bent over nobody could c the panty. school was fine. i went back home and my mom (still wearing just a nightie with no panty or bra) asked how was my panty boy? and squished my butt while giving me a hug. i said fine nobody noticed them turning a little red. i went to my room and ALL my clothes were gone from the laundrymat! my mom came in and said that i gave them to goodwill since you wont be needing them anymore. i was very confused and said why?? she said first off your going to be my panty boy! second off sibe you only hav a semester left of your senior year of school...i decided to homeschool you (she gave me a wink). i was a "go with the flow" kind of guy so i took it and said i thought to my self for the next 5 months im going towear my moms clothes! wow!!! and i was so much fun especially since most of the day my sisters were in school. as i said we didnt have alot of money so i thought o3 good ideas...1. me and my mom could take showers and baths together to save water (my sisters were already doung that) 2. i would sleep with her in her bed since i was already in a room with two sisters 3. i could massage my mom so she can be stress free! my mom looked at me and smacked my butt...she said it was a wonderful idea. so those showers together were very nice...we would clean each other and everything. sleeping with each other was nice too...normally we faced each other and i would have one hand on her breast and she would have one hand on my butt...we would either wear just a panty or be naked. the massages we great cuz she would be naked on the coach and i would oil her body them rubb her ALL over...she liked it when i rubbed her breasts. we bonded for so much was like a dream. my undies were so sexy too. one night my mom grabbed my butt in bed, took off my undies, put the undies that i wore all day on her face and started licking! i got a major *****. she would shave my legs and all my hair on my body off completely. i love my undies!!!
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I've been wearing panties and lingerie from every female member of my family. My mom is in her 80s and still looks good. I was at het house last week and i snuck into her panty drawer while she went to the bathroom. I took a pair of zebra print satin bikini panties and a pair of pantyhose, when she came out of the bathroom i went into it and put the panties on and 4 of her always incontinence pads with the pantyhose. I peed in the panties a little them went back out. When she went to take the garbage out i snuck back in her room and took her vibrator. Yes she still has sex toys. I went back in the bathroom and greased my bum and turned it on full and stuck it up there. She came back in and we say there and talked and the whole time i was ******* all in her panties

Perfect mom

Perfect mom

Wish I had a mom and sisters like that.

Lord above.

And below, apparently :)

Lucky boy!

Great read. Interesting story

love to have s mom like that!

I wish I had a mom like that and I wish she would let me wear her panties and nighties. Did she ever give you a tampon or a pad to stick in your panties?

Love tampons!

Wish I had a Mom like that!

did she touch you kiss your lick or suck on you or guide you to her wetness?

pieces of an absobant material one side and sticky strips on the other , the sticky side of the panty liner is placed over the gusset patch of the panties , so when the panties are worn all your mums **** juices leak onto the panty liner and not onto the gusset patch of your mums panties , i think your mums very selfish wearing them and denying you the pleasure of smelling and tasting her

your mum must wear panty liners then all women leak

What are panty liners?

Sometimes I smell my moms panties but there is no scent, I don't think she master bates so there's never any juice to smell. Anyone have any ideas how I can get her to leak some *** into her panties??

Steal them when she is on her period

love period stains!

r u there man

Sometimes I smell my moms panties but there is no scent, I don't think she master bates so there's never any juice to smell. Anyone have any ideas how I can get her to leak some *** into her panties?

wow nice can give me mom numer