Mom's Panties

Mom had done the laundry and had given me a stack of my clothes to put away. I got to my room and began putting things away. When I got to my underwear I noticed something odd. She had inadvertently folded a pair of her panties in with my underwear. I pulled them out and examined them closely. They were a pair of full-cut beige nylon briefs with lace elastic on the waist and leg bands. I laid them next to a pair of my underwear and compared them. They were very different from my boy underwear. The silkiness of the nylon and the femininity of the lace began to look very tantalizing. I began to wonder what it might feel like to try them on.

I snapped back into reality. Wait! What am I thinking here?

Feeling a little embarrassed, I took the panties back to Mom and she smiled saying something about putting them in my stack by mistake. That was the end of it.

This was the Summer of '81 and my parents were making some upgrades to the house including new carpeting in their bedroom. My dad asked me to help him move the furniture out. The last piece to go was Mom's long, heavy dresser with the two mirrors on top. Dad pulled out all of the drawers except for two. He grabbed that end and together we moved it out on to the deck.

Why didn't he pull those drawers out?

A Saturday night soon followed and my parents were out for the evening. My sister was out babysitting and I had the house to myself. I was watching the "forbidden" MTV and suddenly thought about those two drawers again. What was inside of them?

I went to the dresser and opened the top drawer. Bras. The bottom drawer contained panties and lots of them!

My heart started beating fast and adrenaline began coursing through my body as I gazed at the silky treasures in her drawer. This was my moment. I reached in an pulled out a pair of her purple briefs with black waist and leg bands. I remember they were size 7. I stepped into the leg holes and slowly drew them up my legs and up over my hips.

The feeling was simply "electric"! 

They were a little big on me but the sensation was just beyond words. I realized a new world of possibilities had just opened up as I looked at my reflection in the mirror. The thin, feminine waist and leg bands clung to my body like a gentle hug while the silky nylon shimmered seductively in the light.

"I'm wearing panties", I mused. "Just like girls do! Just like Mom does!"

I felt so many things at that moment but mostly I just shared that quiet affiliation of wearing something they wore. My hard on was pushing out, making a tent in the silky material. I stroked it and it just felt incredible!

I walked back into the living room, swinging my hips a little, enjoying this new, silky, girly feeling with with each step I took.

I lay down on the floor and began to spank it and it didn't take long before I blew my wad. I had taken precautions so as not to leave any evidence in her panties.

Over the course of the next four years I tried on every pair of her panties including those beige ones.


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very honest and true depiction. I can totally relate to your experience as i have also done the same thing and felt the same thing wearing them.!

Perfect panties in photo!! Full cut and nylon. Are they vintage? The garter belt holding up stockings is a nice touch. Looks like insert in gusset. I wonder if it's cotton or nylon. Looks like it's nylon lined gusset and that is ultra-sexy.

Thanks but it's not of me.

Great story I used to wear my Mother's knickers from about age 10 and wonderful sensation.