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Today I am wearing My poppy with pride.
Before I started work I attended the Remembrance Day service here at Camp baker (Australian Camp within KAF). A very moving ceremony. I have not missed a service since I have been over here. I feel proud to attend , wear My poppy and to pay My respect for those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.
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The awesome thing is that here at home, the support and attendance at services is growing every year. The "next generation" is certainly not forgetting all those that have gone before and given the ultimate sacrifice.

There's always a parade/service etc at the base here which I have attended every year since I've been here

There's a guy who sits behind me for home football games and he's an obnoxious loud mouth. He's often vulgar and is unnecessarily loud and brazen during the game. The section has learned to tolerate him and even find some humor in what he does, but there have been times when a number of us have been prepared to report him to security.

Yesterday, the PA asked for all veterans and those on active duty to stand.

He stood.

After we all recognized our heroes, I turned around and shook his hand and said "thank you."

So, we'll continue to give him grief, but, he gets the benefit of the doubt from this point forward.

No excuse or being an *** but yes give him credit for serving his country.

I have been wearing mine since the end of October as well. I hang the old ones from the rear view mirror. Well done.

A bow and an "Attaboy!" to ya BD. You and so many folks now and in the past are in my thoughts.

Always a sad day, and a special one

It's so important to remember ones that have given their all for us.