Most Of The Time!!

Yes, shameful but true, I do wear my PJ's all day, most days!!  I look at it this way.....for years and years, I worked at home and was dressed before anyone else was even out of bed, then was the last one to get undressed and go to bed.  Back then, I didn't really even have a need for PJ's, cause I sure don't sleep in them and never have.  Then I went from being a housewife to a working housewife, who yet still, was up before anyone else, dressed and gone.  I never wore PJ's after work, I just showered and went to bed.  I always ended up with tons of laundry on wash day, and for what?  Just to start over the next day, getting dressed and going to work.

Now that both my husband and I have become retired, like most retired people living on a fixed income, we don't go or do much.  We very rarely get company that isn't family, and so why bother getting dressed, it only makes for more laundry, and I find underclothes most restricting!!  If someone not related happens to appear at my door, they see me in my PJ's.  If this offends them, I figure the next time they have a reason to come around, they will call first and inform me of their intentions.....I will be dressed when they arrive.  If not, oh well!!  I have a far better wardrobe of PJ's than I do clothes.  Unlike most women, when I look at magazines or shop the stores, I shop PJ's first.  They are by far, cheaper than clothes, and most are just so darn cute, how can I resist.  My husband swears that if I buy anymore, he will murder me.  But, I find that those are just idle threats, cause he sure doesn't mind seeing me in my PJ's!

Besides, I really don't see what all the fuss is about.  How is it any worse than the women that you see everyday, out in public even, that wear nothing but old baggy sweats and ratty T-shirts?  Or the woman that thinks she must wear a ton of perfume and spike heels to go to the grocery store.  Don't they realize that we all know that it is just for show.  There isn't a fake thing about me, I don't put on airs for anyone, and I find it hard to concern myself over whether or not I get dressed everyday.  There are far greater, earth shattering problems in the world today for me to worry about, than what to wear, when I am going absolutely no where for the day.

And yes, just so you know, I plan to be buried wearing a brand new pair of PJ's.  If I die in the winter months, it had better be something flannel, and if it is summertime when I check out, they better pick a new pair of shortie's made of something cool.  If they don't, they will know that they haven't heard the last of me!!!

JustAnotherMother JustAnotherMother 51-55, F 1 Response May 27, 2012

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you are absolutly right about the ratty T-shirts and baggy sweats. i abhore people like that. personally i think if your a woman you should dress like a woman. by the way some of those women you spoke of look like their hair has not seen a brush or comb in weeks. I don't wear a ton of perfume or spiked heels but when i go out i am neat and clean and look and act like a lady.

You are so right about the hair. I never go anywhere without making sure my hair has been brushed and looks presentable. My clothes are always clean and I make sure they meet in the middle. I don't judge anyone by their size, or the amount of clothes that they own, but, when a person is overweight they should make sure that they are covered appropriately.