Oh, Those Comfy Pj's!!

I wear mine all day long.  Actually, did you know that in some countries where money is scarce and people can't afford to buy a lot of clothes, that's exactly what they do--wear pajamas all day unless going out.  Sensible, I think.  I'm way beyond trying to impress anyone.  The interesting thing for me though, is that I work at a drug store and it's amazing the number of people who come into the store in their pajamas and fuzzy slippers!  I haven't gone that far yet, but you never know.  I walk outside to take the trash out in my PJ's.  Maybe I'm not too far removed from going to the store in them!!   Hahahhaa

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1 Response Feb 10, 2009

I am totally a jammies girl! Not that I go out dressed in nightwear, at least not yet, but I do find them perfect for home.