My Sisters Satin Lingerie

well it all started out as a joke dressing up for halloween as a girl and my sister was the one who was dressing me in her clothes she at first made me put on her pantyhose and then her satin black string thong with little bows on the front and then she had asked me if i wanted to wear her pleated satin skirt or her pleated plaid one i had thought about it for a minute or two then i siad i would like to dress like a ***** so she dress me to the nines in her best satin you name it it was satin gloves panty garter bra and a satin chokeri thought i looked hot  then she had put on my makeup  and a red head wig in her best red and black satin panties i had felt real pretty and i thought to myself why should my sister be the only one to dress this wayand feel so pretty wearing satin and from that night on i have been stealing my sisters lingerie but for a long time she did not know it was me that was and ripped her nighty off of me taking her panties she would later find them ripped at the sides so i could make them fit me by tying them her size 5 panties were big on me and i wanted to have panty lines like my sister has so i had to make them tight i would then put on her spandex it was so tight i never wanted to take them off they were so shiny and slick it made me so horny that started to ********** in her satin lingerie just when i thought i was in the clear she caught me wearing her little satin nighty with her panties on undernaeth  it there was pre *** all over her lingerie a spot here and there then she punched me in the eye and ripped her satin nighty off of me i was left standing there in her panty holding my eye and wondering why she was so mad at me that is when i started to steal them for a few days and then put them back in her panty drawer  when ever i had the chance i was looking through her lingerie remembering which ones were gone and which ones were in the laundry i would know the one she had onher panties were the best i have ever had i still wear her panties when ever the oppertunity ariseslike now i have been wearing her satin polyester panties all day long and she has not noticed me i have her panty lines and her shiny spandex on they make me feel so hory and passionate sometimes i wish i was her she has big **** 38cc with a size 5-6 waist and very petite body but loves to wear and tease me  satin lingeriie im so naughty that i have stolen her panty and tap pants oh they are so pretty that she must know that her delicates are missing surly she doent think the dryer ate them

dirtydawg2170 dirtydawg2170
6 Responses Sep 20, 2008

MY goodness! What a story. That was brilliant! <br />
I have one huge question!!! Did you manage to avoid getting a hard on while she was dressing you up??<br />
<br />
I like to imagine that you did get a hard on while your sister was dressing you up and that it turned her on too.<br />
But I must know the truth.

So she punched you after she caught you. Nice. Well if she knows you still do it then she either doesn't care or you'd better be careful.

Oh Dirtydawg, I did the same thing. I would use my sisters satin panties and jack off while I wore them. I would use the ones she already had worn so it wasn't so obvious that htere were *** stains in the crotch of her panties. It feels so nice to have my hard **** rubbing inside her satin panties and I laways left a large load of *** in them. I still do it today but inside my own satin panties. Just love the feeling of the material against my ****.

what did she say when she found out? was she mad?

yes and yes she caught me several times ******* in her pretty satin panties

do u shoot ur load on her satin panties? if u do does she know?