I Wear My Sisters Panties

When i was around 12~14 i loved the look and feel of my sisters satin panties One Day my mom went into town, my brother was at his friends house and my sister was at her friends house, so i dicided to go into My sisters room and look in her pantie Drawer (Sorry bad spelling) i notected a Pink Thong in there so i decided to put it on and it felt so good and then i got Hard and dicided to ********** in the thong. A few Months past and i kept doin it so then one day i looked in 1 of her Shoe boxes i found under her bed and i found a Orange Low-Rise thong and put it on then i notiecd a couple weeks later a Black Thong appeared in her shoe Box and i thought to myself "Where is she getting these?" So i Wore those and they were the most Comfortable of all the 3 i still do this to this very day i am 16 Dont Tell my Sister ;)

fredfburgrer7 fredfburgrer7
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2 Responses Jul 5, 2009

good story but sounds abit like a set up my sister did the same thing to me she proberly knows you do it but how awkward would id be if your sister said ino u have been wearing my underwear so tell me ? i no that would be awkward so do it straight from the draw and not shoe box

You should *** in her clean panties and put them back so she can wear them full of ***!