Sisters Thongs

it all started out one day when i was home alone and nothing to do. I decided to go up to my sisters room and look at her panties and thongs i picked one up and it was really cute it was red and blue. So i sliped it on and pulled it up, it felt so amazing i decided to wear it the rest of the day, i Never gave it back. I have stole many others thong for my sis be sides that. one time when we were on vacation we went to NJ and stayed with or family My aunt uncle 4 cuzes and other family. my once cuz who is 19 she had her bag in te room i stayed in in the house. where she kept all her thongs that zipper was opean so i decided to take a look and thats all there were was thongs(L) and isent fat she is just big but verry hott the thong i took was yellow and blue it is my favorit. i am waering a g-string right now that once was my sisters it is plad blue it feels so amazing. I some times wear them too school. my mom has cought me once with thongs she just threw them out. i was very sad. but she has found them againg and doesnt really care any more she put them in with my boxers i really dont like boxers anymore. i wish i could wear a thong every day. in dec when i can drive with out my  parents i think the first thing i am going to do is go out and get more thongs. I love thong and always will i hope i can find a girl that i will be with forever and she wouldnt mind the fast that i wear thongs... that would be the best!


i have pics if u weanna see some of my thongs!!!

ilovewearingthongs ilovewearingthongs
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i wanna see!!

yeh ok.

sure why not!!!