I Borrow Them All The Time Till She Caught Me

I use to sneak in her room and take her panties and bras i would steal dresses too. One day i got all done up black lace bra macthing black thong and a white gaterI took her school uniform and her cute marry janes oh and white stockings. I put lipstick and eye liner and shadow oN. I pranced around the house and lost track of timenext thing i knew she was watching me when i saw her my heart stoped she said i like a dirty girl she got mad that i was wearing her panties and stuff she told me to wash the school uni and keep ever thing eles. She keep my secert even till this day and christmas and my birthday she buys me dresses and other womens clothes and gives it to me in private. I love her so much.
jenie23 jenie23
31-35, T
Feb 9, 2010