I Would Eat The *** From My Sisters Panties

always liked to wear my sisters pretty panties and silky gowns. I would prance around and pretend I was a sexy little girl. My sister liked to see me wear her stuff. She would bring extra when we spent the night at my grandmaws house so we could dress like sisters and cuddle in the big bed at Granny's. night as we lay in the bed together both in the most frilly gowns and nylon panties. She kept pushing her *** into my stiff little clitty. it felt sooo good laying there with my hands rubbing her nipples through the silky gown. When I would stop she would grab my hand and move them back to her tiny *******. She pulled her gwn up so i could feel her smooth skin. I had never *** before but had heard her and her friends alking about it. It felt like I AS GOING TO PEE THEN WOW i SHOT MY SISSY *** ALL IN MY SISTERS PANTIES. iT GOT HER OFF TO BECAUSE SHE BEGAN TO SHAKE ALL OVER. I took the panties off and she wanted to see the mess my clitty had made in her panties. She licked half of ot off and smiled real big and stuffed the cummy panties in my mouth to suck clean. From that day onwhenever I *** I eat it like a good girl would. I love my sister as we got older she would bring her boyfriends home and **** them. afterwards I would have to lick her ***** clean. She even let me suck their ***** and let them **** me Too!!!

CynthiaDupree CynthiaDupree
2 Responses Mar 24, 2010

lucky wish i had a sister

I think you have a pretty cool sister. :)