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Quite Often

My wife made the decision many years ago that I am to wear panties. She picks out the pair that I am to wear every day. I work nights so when she wakes me up she will quite often take pair that she has worn all day. hold them up for me to smell and then tell me to put them on. Sometimes she will say it is as a punishment And other times it is a reward. She knows that it drives me crazy all night wearing her dirty panties. She loves the effect that her dirty panties has on me. Knowing that she keeps me rock hard all night. It is an incredible feeling when she puts them on me and they are still warm and damp. Some nights it is awful to concentrate on driving while wearing her wet warm panties.
MaTrucker MaTrucker 51-55, M 14 Responses Mar 17, 2013

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I am sitting into truck now having a well earned break with a pair of my wife's very musky crusty panties in my face and my hard wet **** in the other
Today the are very smelly and it won't take long to blow a big load
Thanks for your experience

My wife handed me my first panties telling me I had earned the right to wear them

Thanks to your story I been getting wet panties every night. My girlfriend has came home every night this week and we both ********-down to are panties this way so she can make sure that I still had her panties on. I

She then takes hers off sticks them in my face, and then has me put them on right there in front of her. So she can watch me put her worn panties on myself.

Its getting really kinky, and we both our loving it

By wearing her dirty panties, she is marking you as her property

She doing a great job at it. All day at work I could smell her panties.

I know what you mean. It can drive you crazy

It's been wild, I haven't seen her be this kinky since we where teens

She will only get wilder now that she knows that she is the boss And can make you do anything that she wants

I can't wait to see how far she will take it.

You mentally she will take it beyond limits. Because she knows you will do it or be punished

Let me tell you the panties that she gave me tonight; were completely soaked and smell like hot pussi.

And she loves to make you wear them And knows that she controls you

She so does!! Last night before we went out to dinner, she told me to rub my hand all over her *****, and wipe my wet mess hand on my pantiee

They love the power that they feel when they own you

Does your wife ever make you show her how you play in her panties?

Not allowed to play or make a mess in her panties

Luckily you, I have to at lest *** in them at lest once, or she will stop playing in them

She will rub and tease all she wants but I am NOT allowed to make a mess

she has not teased me lately, but last time she did; I lost control and made a huge mess in her panties, which got her so horny, she just exploded, as if she was peeking herself

Mine loves the extreme control of teasing And not allowing me to make a mess

Wow my girlfriend wants to know when you do blow, is it a lot?

My girl got a thing for messes.

When she finally lets me blow, it can get quite messy

She thinks that is so sexi, she playing with her self.

She told me to watch and not touch.

That is very hot. Mine likes to tease in public because she knows I cannot do anything about it

I get a lot of Orders when we out in public. She has to be careful not to get too excited or she soak her panties and pants.

She don't care if she does soak her panties. She loves controlling and teasing out in public.

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I know how you feel.. sometimes when I'm really horny and the wife isn't, I can talk the panties right off her. She knows I love to smell them while I'm jacking off.. if I have more than one of hers I wear one too, it always makes me so hard!

Hot! Hot! Dude

That sounds really hot!! I have to secretly wear my wifes panties. I get throbbing hard in them as well.

Easy as I *** those panties would likely be really wet by end of shift

i wear some times my wifes dirty panties to work its nice feeling
punishment lol she does not make me wear for punishment if she wants to punished me she will spank me or make me wear my daughtes dirty panties to work

how old is your daughter? :)

I would love to sniff them after both of you have worn them!

It's time she added a bra too...... My GF adds her perfume, and is pushing for matching outfits ! Lol

Your wife is puer gold! I am happy for you!! Keep on trucking or is it tucking?

Seem there may be a safety hazard. It sounds better than a photo.

Today she had me wear her dirty black satin bikinis

Your wife is a wise woman to have you totally enthralled and under her care. I am quite jeolous of you ..