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My wife made the decision many years ago that I am to wear panties. She picks out the pair that I am to wear every day. I work nights so when she wakes me up she will quite often take pair that she has worn all day. hold them up for me to smell and then tell me to put them on. Sometimes she will say it is as a punishment And other times it is a reward. She knows that it drives me crazy all night wearing her dirty panties. She loves the effect that her dirty panties has on me. Knowing that she keeps me rock hard all night. It is an incredible feeling when she puts them on me and they are still warm and damp. Some nights it is awful to concentrate on driving while wearing her wet warm panties.
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I know how you feel.. sometimes when I'm really horny and the wife isn't, I can talk the panties right off her. She knows I love to smell them while I'm jacking off.. if I have more than one of hers I wear one too, it always makes me so hard!

Hot! Hot! Dude

That sounds really hot!! I have to secretly wear my wifes panties. I get throbbing hard in them as well.

Easy as I *** those panties would likely be really wet by end of shift

My wife bought me panties and I love them, but she decides when I can wear them. It definitely makes me eager to please.

i wear some times my wifes dirty panties to work its nice feeling
punishment lol she does not make me wear for punishment if she wants to punished me she will spank me or make me wear my daughtes dirty panties to work

I like that thought. I like she shares the pleasure. Its seems that its usually an excitement one has alone.

For the past four or five weeks it is an everyday thing now

Nice. I drive too locally graveyard. Its slow so I have a lot of time or sexy expiration. I made something on a gas pump yesterday morn. I didn't leave it though. I too thought about clean up. I posted a pic.

Sexy exploration that is. Like now.

yes it sure is

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I would love to sniff them after both of you have worn them!

It's time she added a bra too...... My GF adds her perfume, and is pushing for matching outfits ! Lol

Your wife is puer gold! I am happy for you!! Keep on trucking or is it tucking?

Seem there may be a safety hazard. It sounds better than a photo.

Today she had me wear her dirty black satin bikinis

Your wife is a wise woman to have you totally enthralled and under her care. I am quite jeolous of you ..