Dress, Make-Up, Lingerie The Lot!

One weekend my first wife went away with work and I was left alone in the house and I was already armed with a plan!

Once I was certain she was safetly at her hotel at her destination, I shaved my legs, painted my nails with her nailvarnish and dressed up for the evening. Whilst I had a few drinks I located all the stuff I would need to make my plan work. First I found where she had stored her beautiful expensive wedding lingerie that she had worn on that day along with her suspender belt and stockings. Then I laid these out on the bed ready for the morning. Her shoes would not fit me but I managed to find a similar pair on the internet that was nearer in my size and I laid these out too. Then I went to bed.

The next morning I prepared for my make-up as normal and then put on the same style of make-up that she wore on the day. I followed this by slipping into the bra with breast forms and gorgeuous silky and expensive matching panties, suspender belt and slowly slipped on the stockings. They felf great. I then took out her lovely white wedding dress and stepped into it. How I enjoyed the feel, the weight and the silkyness of the material. I then looked at myself in the mirror as I put on my wig, her jewerally and some of her perfume. Finally I slipped into the lovely satin shoes that I had bought and then enjoyed some great hours in front of the mirror and then filmed myself..I used to play this back when I was alone and pleasure myself with the memory of that day!
SusanMarina SusanMarina
Apr 9, 2013