Sometimes I Wear Her Wedding Dress

 though we have been married for a long time it was only at the start of this year i was home by myself and had to much time on my hands i was board wearing my same dresses so i went into the spare room wear my wife has the over flow closet all the stuff that she doe;s not wear much and the out of season clothes. i was having a great time trying on her evening wear her gowns and all her hot clothes that i had forgotten about after doing this for a couple of hours and having the best time and a huge hard ****. at the back of the closet a came across a zip up clothes bag and as i unzipped it to see what was in it i was suddenly very excited there was her wedding dress so i took it out of the bag very carefully and sat there looking at it for some time. not sure if i should try it on or not and in the end i was just to excited not to it is a gorgeous dress its white silk with lace and a low cut back it very sexy and was when my wife wore it on our wedding day. so after thinking about it i decided that if i was going to wear it i would have to do some shopping so i went and put my favorite red panties on and my wife's low rise jeans and a cute tee shirt and off to the shoppes i went i purchased a pair of 3 inch open toe heels and p white suspender and a pair of white stockings and a low cut bra and a pair of sexy white lace panties. i was so hot by this stage so when i got home i showered and dressed myself starting with the panties and the bra then the stockings and the suspenders and finally my new heels normally i would have been happy to jerk off dressed like this but i headed to the front room and into closet. and in front of the floor to ceiling mirror i gently dressed in the dress it was a little tight but i could wear it comfortably it i was so hot i loved how it looked and i then put on my shoulder length black wig and i was in heaven. i wore it for a couple of hours mainly in front of the mirror i just could not stop looking at my self and how hot i looked in the dress and naturally i had the best jerk off before i took the dress off. i have only done this one more time since then when i was home alone my wife accepts my cross dressing and the make up and painting my nails but i am not sure what she would think of this i think she would be cool but i will think about it for a while before i bring it up any way what started me telling you all about this is i have seen this very sexy wedding dress in a rental store and it clean and for sale cheap and i think i am going to buy it because every time i pass this store i get hot thinking about this dress and how it would look on me.

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i agree with the others that i too wished i had a wife as you do. mine did not except me and she left. it has been almost 3 years now that i have been living in my private little world of dressing up.

I confessed to my wife on our third date that I crossdress. I thought it only fair. She has never seen me dressed in person but did find a home movie I shot before I met her, with me doing an improvised fashion show. One of the outfits was a wedding dress I owed. We married two years later, and she used my dress to get married in (she's never returned it). She is such a lovely woman, but scared that the teenage children will discover my stash.

You are such a lucky man. I envy you. I would not fit in my wife's wedding dress (plus it's not even at our house, her mom still has it, after 12 years!).

your lucky to have a wife with an open mind like that,a lot of women dont.When I was with my girlfriend I would dress up.she would help me look more like a lady and even help with my makeup.Unfortunatly we broke up a while back but it had nothing to do with my cross dressing.......keep the good times going