When I Was Diapered

i went on walks and bought diaper the i got cot.
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You sound so cute I have many diapers story's I have made I think you will like them :)

Sorry they are fake and about girls sorry to get your hopes up

Not really I just think a girl in diapers is very cute that's all really :)

Add me please

hi there little mouse how is the wetting going for you

I Now Wear Huggies Lil Movers Size 6 Sometimes Since I Have Some Goodnites Left Over I Put One Over Top But Once They Run Out Ima Be A Lil Movers Baby In An Adult Body

That is one of the Best to go on a Long Walk and you have your Best Friend on Your Diaper no Problem just let it Flow out in your Nappy!!

I love to wear diapers / nappies when ever I can. I don't think I ever been caught, but would love to know how you got caught on what was said??

Ill Tell Ya How I First Got Caught I Was With An Foster Family And They Had Diapers n Pull-Ups Around I Fitted Both It Was Best But I Think I Was Putting On The Pampers Diaper When I Was In Bthroom Long Aka So The Fam Member Said He Came In And Seen Me I Was So Embarassed But Strangley I Loved Getting Caught Bc I Was Caught Being Who I Am

don't think I ever been seen, scares the crap out of me but love the idea :)

I Love Wearing Diapers U See The Convience Of Being Free To Do Ur Bizznezz Anywhere And Be Who u Are Now U May Say Adult Baby Diaper Lover However I Say Ima Baby Trapped In A Adults Body I Wear Huggies Goodnites Atm 24/7 And 24/7 Diapers Will Be Til I Take My Last Breath But Im Thinkin Of Tring Other Diapers Like Pampers Not A Slip On Like Well I Used To Use Pull-Ups But Now Its Girls Goodnites I Really Wanna Try Pampers Cruisers Size 6 But Imma Be Living With My Niece N Shes Allergic To Pampers Maybe I'll Try Luvs Diapers i Want A Diddey Like A Baby Wears Just A Size Dat Would Fit Me

i relly like being diaperd but i only need them in bed