Put In Nappies At Grandparents House

One of my earliest memories (and certainly my best one!) is of being put in nappies when our family stayed at our grandparents house in Yorkshire.  I distinctly remember being laid on the floor beside the bed and a terry nappy being tightly wrapped round me in triangle fold by my mother.  I then remember later that night she came into the room saying 'better wear these' holding out a pair of plastic pants and slipping them on me!  When I was cosy in bed again I remember putting my hands on the pants under the bedcovers and enjoying the feel of them. 

Not sure if it was on that occasion or another time, I used (perhaps abused?) the nappy by weeing and pooing in it.  I think I was awake so could have gone to the toilet (possibly about age 5).  Anyway my mother came later to check on me and found I had soiled the nappy.  I was brought downstairs, nappy taken off and plastic pants put on the coal fire.  I remember them melting then burning, an absolute travesty!!  I was then never put in nappies again.

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I remember that horrible feeling, my mother caught me wearing a pair of baby pants and she ripped them off of me and threw them on the fire.<br />
After that I was careful when I wore them, and used to pinch plastic baby pants from washing lines and hide them, and I have never been without plastic pants since those days, I am now 75 and still love wearing them

Hi read your story. I like it when mum put your nappies and then came with a pair of plastic pants and put them on you. The feeling of plastic pants is so good i love them and wear them all the time. odear you do not throw good plastic pants on the fire what was your mother thinking of. As you say an absolute travesty. I am broken hearted about that because i just love them to bit Bruce