last night i put on my cloth pull up nappy then i opened one of my sons drynights & put that inside my cloth nappy
then i put on a disposable pull up over the top i got in to bed 2 watch a film i needed to pee so over the next half an hour
i slowly let the pee out it felt nice & warm i decided to go to sleep half way through the film it was a bit to long for me
i wet my nappies some more in the night & woke about 2.30a.m i felt the nappy was bulging at the front
so i decided to take the drynight out which was now very wet i had a mouthful of juice & went back to sleep
& woke again at 5.30a.m by now i was soaked & needed to pee again so i let it flow now i've got an urge to poo
as well so after a while it comes out into my cloth pull up i nodded off for another 40 mins & got up when i woke at 6.20 am
i do one more wee before getting out of bed to get cleaned up & put a fresh disposable nappy on which i'm still wearing now it's
a little wet & now i'm pooing in it as i type this it feels good
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May 5, 2012