Abena Body Stocking

I have just started wearing an Abena body stocking, pull ups and plastic pants and I love it. Is there anyone else who has tried wearing a body stocking with nappies and plastic pants? The body stocking stops the nappy/pull ups from sagging so it can be worn for as long as one needs to. A great idea and the body stocking provides extra warmth and security. Also, I am looking for a suitable nappy, I have been using boots stay dry pull ups for a few years and find them good but would really like the extra security of being fastened into a nappy. So far I have not found one which is fit for purpose, the Boots slips are ok but the tapes tend to dig in a bit too much when worn all day. Any ideas or suggestions? I wear a nappy for need as well as enjoyment.
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I wear Abena diapers (Abri-Form X-Plus) and like them very much. I would imagine that they would be perfectly suited to go with the Abena Body Stocking, seeing as they are both made by the same fine Danish company :)

Something I've just started doing, and is great fun (providing you don't want to change your nappy quickly)... use a leotard as a onesie! Not only does it hold the nappy very firmly in place, it also means the nappy is used because you have to undress completely to take the nappy off rather than slip it down with your pants!!

If anyone wants the name/email address of a highly recommended and brilliant supplier/maker of these leotards, message me and I'll pass on the info. :)

Yes, the leotard is a good idem of clothing, I have several and they go very well with a nappy etc in the winter.

Thanbks for writing this. Yes, I wear Abena bodies - the snap crotch ones, usually as a vest to make sure my terry trainer panst and plastic covers don't show if I bend over. At night I wear them over proper terry nappies, so no issues. I find them very warm, so they tend to be more of a winter underwear, and better than 'thermals'.

As far as nappies go, Boots ones are hopeless. Try Abena Abriform x-plus, or Lille supreme maxi. Attands 10 and Tena slips (8-drop) also hold a lot. These can be bulky, mind! Have you considered real nappies - proper terries? Much cheaper in the longer term (over a year), but more absorbent, less likely to leak especially at night, and a great feeling of the true nappy! Much more bulky than disposables, but if it is not an issue such as when you're at home, them try them. I don't wear anything else! :)

Have fun!

Thanks, Sandy, I will try your suggestions. I have found the body stocking great during the cold we are experiencing just now and wish I had worn one before now. Have not worn a cloth nappy for years but may go back to them at night. I wear them for need as well as enjoyment so I am in them most days.

You'll enjoy the bulk of a terry nappy!!! I wear them almost exclusively.

FYI, I did a quick bit of mental maths re costs... over the last 9 years of using nappies at night and occasionally during the day (say 10 nappies a week for sake of ease) I have saved about £3000 by using terries. Once the initial outlay of 48inch terries and a couple of dozen baby ones for use as soaker pads, along with 20 or so plastic pants (about £500-£600, cost of pants spread over longer due to replacement), it's money in the pocket every time. Disposables work out at least 80p each... no brainer to me!!