I Want To Try

i been wanting to try nappies for a while now seeing as i wet  and sometimes poop here there and everywhere! but im living in a small town with one supermarket and where every1 talks (i had to buy a pregnacy test and omg the gossip that was going around town) so i am posting this to ask a few questions where do ppl get thir diapes (im a size 12-14) and how can i do it subtaly etc and any general tips etc



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Yeah, online seem like the way to go. Just make sure they put it in a unmarked box (witch they usually do) and no one is the wiser.

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There are a lot of places that will post you Tena slips, Harmony and many others, just try a web search you will have many to choice from. I have used many different Companies. If you ever go up to London you can buy them in Wigmore street over the counter in John Bell and Croydon (I think that how you spell it) If you want to go on line and order the major Companies do direct shipment, you could try medisave also. However, I think Harmony and Tena are the best ay least for me. I wear them quite a lot and would recommend Tena in one of the three types Super through to maxi. I bought a job lot of warehouse clearance for Harmony and got a pallet of 50 packs (1100 nappies). I wish I had someone I could meet who also wears them (for social reasons) not for sex, unless they wanted to be changed and it got out of hand.. Sound like you need loking after by someone who understands your needs. good luck and best wishes.

Or....you can order them online. There are plenty of online distributors that ship to you in plain packaging so that you can't see when it is from the box. They can ship straight to your door or to a Post Office box. Very secure and private.