Usually Naked At Home

I'm usually naked at home.  I'm sharing this experience to encourage those who might be wanting to do this, but aren't sure if it will work.   I've never liked clothing that much.  As a child my family didn't really mind if we wore clothes at home, or not.  So, in that sense I guess I grew up in a fairly open-minded family. As an adult, however, the social norms of society seemed to make it a lot more difficult to be naked around other people.  It felt oppressive to me to have to be dressed in my own home, but I lived with a lot of people and even more people were always coming and going.  One summer the weather was very hot and humid. I began getting very itchy rashes on my skin, particularly anywhere that my clothing was tight or restrictive.  It was so painful that I finally got completely fed up and took off all my clothes.  I simply told everyone that I was naked for medical reasons.  My wife, my housemates, my friends who came over, everyone else's friends--in short, everyone--was completely accepting.  I admit that this was a big shock.  It turned out that being naked was a lot easier than I expected it to be.  

Twenty some years later I am almost always naked at home.  We have three kids and friends and neighbors who drop by.  The challenge for me is to keep being naked even as new people come into my life.  In spite of the experience of that summer years ago I still expect people to be shocked or upset.  Recently a longtime friend of my wife's moved from another city and now lives next door to us with her son.  My niece, who is in her twenties, also moved to the same city where we live.  I began putting something on whenever either one of them would come over to visit. Since they are at our house nearly every day it meant that I had to be dressed a lot of the time! A wonderful thing happened: each one of these people independently told me that they really didn't mind at all if I wasn't wearing anything.  It has been nice not only to be wearing nothing at home, again, but also to know that these people noticed something about me and took the effort to put me at ease.  

I should say something about the rest of my family. While it is true that I am the person who is most often wearing nothing at home, my wife and children seem to take their cue from my behaviour.  We've always let our kids know that our home is clothing optional and that it is their choice.  However, when they see me cover up when someone comes over, they do the same.  When I am more relaxed, they are more likely not to be worrying about what they are wearing, or not.  

What is the impact of wearing nothing at home? For me it is about more than comfort. I am able to relax. I feel better about myself. There is a greater emotional closeness between the members of our family. There is nothing to hide, physically, and the feeling that it is alright to reveal one's thoughts and feelings.

I think my eldest daughter sums it up well: "Home is where you can be naked."

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My family and I live the same way. You always have the option to go sans clothes. I'd say, about 90% of the time, everyone in the house is naked. All my family and friends know this and don't mind. I have a lot of neighbor friends and they are aware that my family go nude all the time and they don't mind when they come over to watch a movie, have a game night, or even chat chat over coffee. Some times, some of them go nude too depending on how long they are going to stay. They bring their kids and their parents let them have the same freedom of choice as well, and they take advantage of it to the fullest extent. There is usually only 1 instance when the children prefer to go nude even when my girlfriend and I are clothed and that, believe it or not, is a car ride! We have SUV's with dark tinted windows and even tho, my girlfriend and I are clothed, the children are naked (although, we do bring clothes for the kids to put on should the need arise) for our weekend 10 mile drive to the local nude beach. Often, we take the neighbor kids with us and we end up with so many kids that we have to take both SUV's! Everyone has fun and I always wish I could have the same experience of driving nude without fear of being arrested, as the children have riding nude.

I live in apartments and tight across from my windows was the parking garage. Although I could not have the blinds completely open, I love light so I kept them about middle range and never had any problems!

Great story, Thanks for sharing.

"Home is where you can be naked" is a good quote! I like to be naked in my apartment... I do have to have the blinds closed, but what the heck... its so much more comfortable.<br />
Outside.... well that's the apartment block's carpark... no, I don't think thats the place, somehow!

There is always hope to be more nude that we are. Once we achieve 100%, then we can rest and enjoy!

You are a brave guy and I'm glad things have worked out for you. I am trying to head that way now that I am retired, but my wife is resistant to the idea. But I am working on her. Your story gives me hope.

Thank you for sharing such a positive and wonderful story.

While I don't have any children yet, I have declared my house clothing-optional and take advantage of that all the time. I can only hope my kids follow me as yours have.

This is a beautiful story!! Thanks for sharing.