Nylon Is Nicer

I only wear nylon panties, they feel so good on.
SexyRay SexyRay
5 Responses Jul 14, 2010

Short story but concise and to the point. They are great

Nylon panties are just sooo wonderful. I have a few microfiber that are comfy, but my first choice is full cut nylon panties. They fit so well and feel so good and it feels good to know I'm wearing them.

Nylon and microfiber panties are my personal preference.So smooth and well fitting.Satin panties are a good choice too!!!

I must clarify, I wear stretch nylon, microfiber, and satin. I don't care for cotton, but modal is close, and very soft !!

i do like my nylon panties but i like satin, and mircofiber to thay feel so good to wear