Nylon Panties Everyday

I have worn and collected nylon panties for many years now and wear nylon panties, preferable VF, everyday especially when I am heading to court to argue some matter.  Gives me that certain air of confidence.  Also have a wonderful collection of lingerie and try to purchase a matching bra with my panties.  Would never consider wearing cotton panties, what's the sense because could always wear my own tighty whitees.  The combination of nylons panties and half slip is incredible and the feel is likewise exquisite.
lizdcd lizdcd
5 Responses Jul 20, 2010

Love those Vanity Fair lace nouveau full brief panties. About half the time I wear 2 pair. Lots of silky slipping around, oh my!!

I stopped wearing "Men's" underware years ago!

The Bali freeform briefs are an excellent choice in panties as well as Bali skimp skamp panties...

I do not believe that I have come across the Bali panty mentioned. The next time I am in the outlet store for Hanes/Bali Playtex, I will be on the lookout for those panties.

I have been a big fan of Vanity Fair for years. Love my Lace Nouveau Briefs. But recently I tried the Bali Free Form Brief. I must say, very nice. A nice little change.<br />
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