Nylon Panties

When I started wearing panties, it was many, many years ago and they were my Mom's nylon panties. She had every available color and then some and I love each and every one of them. This was when I was maybe 7 or 8 years oldand I ALWAYS folded them back EXACTLY
the way she had them. I will admit that she or my dad or brother would come home ealier than I expected and as a result I would have to get the pair of panties put back in the drewer FAST, and of course this meant that the panties were, in these occasions, were not put back perfect. These occasions added up to when I was about 9, my Mom came to be holding a pair of her panties and everyone reading this knows what she asked me. I, like most every other boy said (after tripping over my tongue a couple of times) that NO MOM, WHY WOULD I DO THAT???? It was when I was about 10 years old, my Mom came home early from work (Moms cheat) and caught me in her panties. Being a real church woman, she explained that the Devil made me do it and not to do it any more. For a while, me and the devil
was OK, but it wasn't long before I told the devil to go bag it, and I continued but I would wait until Mom thru some away, than they were mine. No sisters.
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Oh the joys of wearing your moms panties. She would have them on a laundry line in the basement and I would rub my face into them. Eventually I would rap them around my clitty and hump my pillow while looking at lingerie models in catalogs like Sears. To this day, I still have to have panties over my clitty to ********** and rub myself in!!!

I too went through the experience to of having to quickly put panties back in the drawer...and my Mom knew...I think..but we never talked about it. But the incredible joy I had just wearing her lovely silky panties and just having to quickly undress when a family member came home and try and act 'normal'. Oh but those where the days back in the 50's and 60's when woman and girls wore the most delightful silky feminine lingerie...and I just could not help it...I had to wear it too...and I still do. Oh I LOVE dressing up like a girl and enjoying the wonderful sensual feeling doing so.

good story thanks for posting this. I started dressing at around 12 and it was with my moms stuff and about 3 years later started getting my own clothes at a local thrift store for the 1st time and was never caught. I would hide them in the drop down ceiling of the ba<x>sement of the house we lived in. When we moved I did not take them with me and have always wondered what the new owners thought when they found them

Hi Karen, I also started wearing my mom's panties about age 12. My mom never liked synthetic materials so she wore cotton panties. Maybe that's why I love nylon panties.

No I never got cought by dad , but he was close to catching me , I found out many years later that he crossdresses also .

Hi Karen . Moms do that don't they . My mom cought me to .

It seems that most all of us got caught by Mom.
Did you ever get caught by Dad? I never was, wonder why that was?