Nylon Or Nothing

I've enjoyed wearing panties since I was 14.

One day my mother who was folding up laundry gave me a stack of my clothes to put away. As I was putting things away I noticed she had folded a pair of her panties in with my underwear. I picked them up and examined them closely. They were a shiny beige pair of nylon briefs with lace waist and leg bands. They were gorgeous and felt heavenly in my hands. I think I began to wonder what it might feel like to wear them.

Then this feeling of guilt began to creep over me. I felt ashamed and embarrassed for having them. I went back into my parent's room and gave them back to my mother. She smiled and said something about mixing her clothes in with mine by accident. 

My parents were having some major work done on their house and they were getting carpeting in their bedroom. I helped my dad move out the furniture. The last piece to go was Mom's long, heavy dresser. All the drawers had been pulled out except for two at the end. Dad grabbed that end and we moved it out through the door on to the deck. 

Why didn't he pull all of the drawers out?

One Saturday night my parents had gone out for the evening and my sister was off baby sitting. I had the house to myself and was watching the "forbidden" MTV. Suddenly I thought about the two drawers in my Mom's dresser and decided to investigate.

The top drawer had bras and the bottom drawer had panties in all different colors!

I pulled out a pretty purple pair of size 7 nylon briefs. My heart was pounding and adrenaline was coursing through my body. I stepped into the leg holes and slowly pulled them up over my hips. 

The feeling was simply "electric".  Suddenly I had something in common with the girls in school. Like them, I was wearing panties!

I looked for the beige ones but either Mom was wearing them or they were in the wash. I tried on three other pairs but the purple ones felt the best. I walked back into the living room feeling every sensation as her panties caressed my body. I jacked off and was very careful not to get any on them. My life has never been the same since.


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1 Response Feb 12, 2010

Sounds like a familiar story. Most of us started with our Mom's panties in one way or another.Let the good times roll !!