Love Nylon Fullcut Panties!

I started wearing nylon panties when i was 15 ans was instantly hooked!  At age 23 i wore them 24/7 and have never stopped. Vanity fair nylon panties are my favorite as they are so silky soft and feel great. i have a huge collection of them plus the wife loves them too. If more guys tried them they would be hooked too. Just put your nylon panties on!!!!!!!!!!!

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15 Responses Mar 7, 2010

I'm hooked. I did the same thing at an early age and now am addicted. I can't even *** unless I have a pair around my ****!!!

I wear Vanity Fair nylon briefs and I love them most of all.

VF makes some of the greatest feeling panties. I bought my first pair of their's a just a little bit ago, and I am hooked on them. Of course, I can't just toss my thongs :)

yes if more guys would trie them they would be hooked too i love them

Nylon brief are the best. Nothing beats the feeling and comfort.

Ooh, I just adore Vanity Fair full-cut nylon panties. I have several pair of lace nouveau, but my favorite is the VF Ravissant style. The nylon is just outstanding and soft and silky. I'm a little girlyboy so I wear size 5 and just love the experience knowing that under whatever I'm wearing I've got pretty silky nylon panties.

Love the Vanity Fair string bikinis!

Olgia is beyond sexy...hope I spelled that correct

Can't beay Vanity Fair Lace nouveau. Try la<x>yering - two pair at one time. Makes things nice and slippery. I'm a straight male but can't beat the feel of nylon briefs!

i own several brands and like them all, vanity fair and bali is the best

Absolutely nothing better than having many pairs of panties to wear.Started with Mom's at age 10.Then the wife's until I finally started buying my own....

For guys who have never worn panties check out your wife's undies drawer and borrow a pair of her silky nylon panties. You will not regret slipping them on and enjoying the incredible feeling of the silky nylon. I can assure you it won't be the only time you will wear her silky nylon panties.

Yes i love those full cut ones you can get them all 60" and 70's with double nylon gusset in sissy bright colors and high quality materials just like back then carols you wont believe till you see it at i am so hooked let me know what you think I am just a custormer that loves to buy their they have such a fine selection of the real deal even antron lll materails! let me know what you all think of these panties please!

It's a wonderful life, having the freedom to wear panties everyday.Vanity Fair is by far the smoothest silkiest most sensuous panty a man can wear.Love mine.....

Those sound lik the Lace Nouveau. I have a bunch of them.<br />
I also have Olgas, Just My Size and just got some Carole panties.<br />
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