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On my second date with a girl she invited me to her birthday party. It was a pool party at her parents house with her family and friends. She already knew I liked one piece suits and that was what she expected me to wear. I started to say I didn't want to swim but she saw the suit in my car, grabbed it, and told me to go change. I was very nervous changing in their bathroom and then extremely nervous walking out. No one else had ever seen me wearing a one piece suit before and I had never met her friends or family before. But if I wanted a third date I had to do it. So I met almost everyone she knows while wearing a one piece swimsuit. It was nerve wrecking and exhilarating at the same time. On later dates we also swam in her apartment pool several times. It was usually crowded and I was expected to wear my one piece suit then also.
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I remember my first time. I was 19 at a friend's house. He had a few friends over. They ask wanted to go swimming in the indoor pool they had. I did not have a suit of my own and I didn't want to drive for 45 minutes in the snow to get home then 45 back . His mom suggested that I should just wear one of his sisters suits they are donating. I had to choose from a black bikini bottom that could not fit me at all, a bright pink bottom that was really girly looking or a one piece suit all white or one that was bright purple. I went with white. The guys made fun of me for a few minutes but then got over it. I got out of the pool. His mom noticed my erection and said I can keep it since I like it so much. The other guys left because they lived near by. I ended up spending the night. My friend and I went swimming again and I wore the purple suit. He admitted he liked seeing me in them. He cornered me and started to kiss me. I couldn't help myself, we made out. I ended up sleeping with him and I was 100 percent bottom and loved it.

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So lucky! My gf doesn't know yet but she knows I like crossdressing somewhat.

where did you get it? How did you get it? i want one

I bought it online, but you can get one where ever they sell swimsuits.

jwing do you ever get boners lol

The first time I wore a female's swimsuit was when I was in Galveston, Tx I went down there with a friend to visit another friend, Both of them guys and well both of them knowing they wanted to go out swiming already had their swimsuits. he lived on Crystal beach where there were not many shops and stores and my friend that lived there had his Girlfriend over.
the two Friends of mine knowing that one I didn't bring my swimtrunks. two I already dressed in some female clothes, Decided it would be best if his Girlfriend took me out shopping for a swimsuit. since she wanted another girl around and that she would pick out a good one for me. At this time I didn't think she knew and well she didn't really. We went to the surf shop near by and was looking at different suits in the Females section. she needed a new suit too. I picked up this pretty cute 3 piece tankini with a detached skirt. Pink and white, with palm trees on it. Mind you This was when I was still in school but it was summer time and I honestly had a slender simi Feminine body. She looks at me and says hold it up, so I start moving it to wher to hold it up to her but then she moves it twords me. "No no you should try it on." she said with a smile. a bit embarased I commented back" Why me? This girl looking at board shorts at the next rack over, looked at us "Awa you would look so cute in that, I wish I had your figure." I turned beat read while I was pulled into the girls changing room. I think it took me 15 minuts to get the courage to step out of that dressing room with that on. The girl that commented before aout how cute I would look was standing there with Sarah (My friend's Girlfriend) and she commented again "Your deffinetly a Girly girl in that." I commented back "I feel so nekad in this." Sarah said "Well its not completly like a 1 piece but it actually covers more." she pulled me to a Mirror and said "See you look like a tomboy a bit with your short hair but you still look cute!" "Besides I'm paying for your swimsuit and I pick that one." With that she pulled the price tags off of the swimsuit and said "Go put you clothes back on we are going to meet the boys over on the main island. The main island is where everything is, the hotels and shops and everything and tons of people out swiming.

a bit Embarrased still I walk into the changing room again and on my way I first get Sarah calling back Make sure you leave the swimsuit on under your clothes so we can get to swiming faster." Blushing I turn back around and accidently run into another girl comming out. "Excuse me miss." she says Politely "I'm sorry" I comment back and she smiled and went on her way.
We went out swimming in the ocean and had no problems the whole time. and I even had a couple guys hit on me while I was laying on the beach drying out.
we then went out to dinner to an outdoor restraunt where we all just stayed in our swimwear, I had a couple people look at me a little funny and a girl giggled a little when she passed by. The craziest thing was when a girl about my age came up and kissed me out of the blue for like 4-5 minuts she held me there. then released and said "I love tomboys, Thanks ^_^" I smiled back to her and she ran off.
after that day I really enjoyed swimsuits and I still have that first one that was bought for me, my next experience was with a bunch of my friends and their mothers and fathers. I currently didn't own a swimsuit except for the one. so when I was invited to a swiming pool party with them I told them I didn't really have a swimsuit. my friend (A girl) she said no problem just come anyways and have some fun. so I went there and joined them, it was out in the country. and kinda secluded so it was just the people there.
I got there, got a drink and sat down on the couch inside, my friend pulls me into her friend's room with her and 2 other girls in there. they pin me down and pull my clothes off. one of them jumps on the bed and covers my eyes. I feel them slip something on me and yes it felt like a one piece swimsuit. they get done and uncover my eyes and all and tell me to stand up and take a look. it was one of my friend's swimsuits that I knew she really liked but she had a few swimsuits so she actually started pulling her clothes off along with her friends revealing their swimsuits and then pulled me along into the swiming pool. it was fun and well as the night went on they actually started pulling swimsuits off in the pool and skiny dipping, I stayed in the one I had on and ended up going to my friend's house and sleeping in her bed with it on since it dried up by time we got there and went to bed. after that day I honestly don't know where my other clothes went. I ended up going home in underclothes from my friend and a pair of her shorts which were really short one of her cap sleeved Tee shirts and pink flipflops.
she also gave me a bag with the swimsuit stuffed inside of it. and I ended up wearing it again when she called me up about 2 weeks later and wanted to go swiming at a different pool, she told me to wear that same one again.
after that day I stayed the night again and again ended up going home in some of her clothes, this time was a short skirt and sneakers with frille top socks and another capped sleeved shirt. I think she was enjoying it alot cause she thought I looked more girlish than she did in them and she loved playing dress up but she had a heavier figure.

To this day I am still very shy about going out in female swimsuits but I have enjoyed a few other times and when I can I will go swimming in them as often as I can if I go swimming.

Awesome story!

I wish I had parents that accept the fact that I like to crossdress. I wish I had a couple of girlfriends (like you) that like and accept the fact that you like to wear girls swimsuits. I would love to have a couple girlfriends that undress and change and even pick out outfits for you. It would be nice if I could openly wear girls clothes, thank you for sharing your experience.

I too am a guy and I wear a one piece suit. I am not as brave as you so I wear a black tee shirt over the top. It actually looks like I am wearing a speedo brief and a tee.

It is nerve wrecking but only one has ever said anything to me about wearing it. Try it without the shirt sometime, you can always put the shirt on if you run into issues.

I wear a one-piece all the time when I go for a swim at my local public pool. Most of the other users are regulars and none of them has questioned why I wear one. Most just chat as if there was nothing unusual about a man in a one-piece swimsuit. I wear a speedo hydrasuit with a high neck and rear zip, so it looks androgynous. I wouldn't go back to shorts!

Only one person has ever asked me about my swimsuit. My favorite suit is worn out now so I usually wear a nike water polo suit. I couldn't go back to shorts either.

That is so great your wife is so understanding and supportive. I would love to go swimming in public wearing a one piece actually I would love to wear them all the time. I have swam at a lake by myself but never with other people. I do wear one while road biking sometimes.

My first time actually swimming in a one piece: I was visiting a friend, she wanted to go swimming and hot tubbing. I hadn't brought any shorts or swim wear as it was November. She loaned me one of her Speedo swim suits to wear. We went to the pool and hot tub at the RV park near where she lives and spent about 2 hours in the water. Several families came and went during this time. No one said a thing negative, there were a couple of giggles but once the explanation was made, no one had a problem with it. In fact we were complimented on our resourcefulness to the situation. One of the women made the comment that she would like to see her husband and her 2 boys in a one piece.<br />
<br />
So for your first adventure, go somewhere where you don't know a single person, that way you don't have to worry about embarrassing yourself in front of someone you know. Who cares what a stranger thinks. Next time you travel, take your one piece to the hotel pool and try it out. I started with a t-shirt over mine, and then took it off after awhile. Got a few funny looks, but no comments. The biggest giggles came from the little girls.

I would love wear my 1 piece swimming in a public place but don't have the guts.<br />
Do you have any encourageing words?

I have several one piece swimsuits, but bought a Lime green with Short like bottoms, put a grey t-shirt on top stopped at a convienance store for drinks and headed to the beach. The was no biggy but the beach was a little nervous, after swimming for a while then laying out reading a book - it was a refreshing blast.

Any comments or odd looks? Did you have any shorts or shirt over top when you went swimming?

Only a few comments from kids to their moms, but my GF look on from a distance observing and said there were looks.
It was refreshing to have done it

Yup, The lycra will stretch to contain your man hood. I haven't ever had a problem with anything falling out. I agree, more women should wear one piece suits. I love the feel of wet or dry lycra on a woman's body, plus it leaves something to the imagination. A bikini leaves nothing for ones imagination to enjoy.

Fantastic. <br />
I'd like to just go to a pool and be able to swim in my one piece swimsuit but to come out to so many people at once is great. Well done. I hope you are still with the girl.

We are still together, she's the wife now. You can go swim in your one piece!!! Of all the stories I have ever heard of men wearing one piece swimsuits, not a one has had anything more than some questions and weird looks. Don't wear what other people want you to wear, wear what you want to wear; it's your life and body!

Hey Moosebob,<br />
<br />
You are right about meeting a girl while wearing my suit. I have noticed that women either like it or they don't. I would not want to surprise her when we go swimming for the first time. I don't think I can swim in just shorts anymore. I wish more women would swim in a 1 piece. I'm not into women in bikini's. I really like touching a women wearing a 1piece,wet and dry.

I could never go back to swimming in just shorts!!!

Hey Moosebob,<br />
<br />
You are so lucky you have a girlfriend that likes you wearing and swimming in a one piece. I hope some day to meet a girl who doesn't mind that I like to wear a one piece and likes to swim in a one piece herself. I wear one of my many 1 pieces at the beach and pool with jammer shorts. If nobody is around, I don't wear them. I have had different reactions from women when They see me in my 1 piece. They either like it or they don't. By the way, I live in Canada.

I hope you find that girl one day. Maybe you will find her while swimming, then she will already know about it. There is a forum dedicated to men wearing one piece suits if you want to have a look. It is a sub forum at