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Male In Girl One Piece Swimsuit

I love wearing girl one piece swimsuits because the comfort level is out of this world but I'm to scared to wear it out at a public pool I'll wear it in secluded spots and at home in the shower and as Pajamas
Multiplex4862 Multiplex4862 26-30, M 11 Responses Oct 3, 2012

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I know this is years old and maybe no one will see it but what size do you were? Trying to figure out what I need I wear a size 36 pants. Thanks

if you are trying to find out what size you need will depend on the store as sometimes the sizes will vary a bit ... , sometimes they go by height and weight ( tho that if you do weigh a bit more than the average (female if your into the female type) it will be a different set of sizes again ...but they go off bust /hip/ waist measurements

it´s really no problem for a guy to wear a one piece swimsuit if it´s not a too female one (bras and/or flowers or special colors).
I am wearing my sport -one pieces a long time of years and never got any problems.
Try it by yourself and you will see how good it is.

usually male 1 pieces have legs on em or arms the backing is a bit diff but still rather similar when it comes to the onepieces for swimming these days ( like the triathlon type)

I like the female ones myself because the male ones dont seem to fit right -.- seams are always in the wrong spots and cut into me..

I'm right there with you I've worn mine to the pool after close a few times and I wear it a lot when I ride my ZX6R.

I am with you!!

I wear a One piece swimsuit at the time at the local pool Just do it

Me too

One piece swimsuits are my favorite thing to wear. I haven't worn them outside where anyone saw me except when road biking. I love to wear a swimsuit and biking jersey when biking wish it was ok to wear them anywhere. I wear them inside the house alot and under my clothes.

I wear mine usually anytime but i take it out paintballing (usually its a trench coat holding spare guns / clips and camo net ) since it breaths better than most things , reduces how much im wearing specially if imma wear the Gillie suit :3 .. also wear it like ninja wear ...

I wear one to my local public pool. No-one has ever made a comment and I'm accepted as normal, as far as I can tell. Go for it! You might be surprised at the outcome.

many will keep it to themselves XD or when they are older it becomes something norm (many older males and females use em to hide their age , like wrinkles etc) but i know i was babysitting one boy that never had swimwear ... told him we had to go buy him some... he picked a 1piece :3 he was shy about his body so he liked it better .. 1st time he went swimming without being covered in shorts, a shirt etc

I love wearing them too and i do wear them in public. Lots of stares but nobody says anything.

i love wearing one piece suits too (as you can tell form my pictures) but i wear em at home too, luckily we have a small garden pool where i can swim in it

I've worn a one piece suit for years. Twice at a beach (but no one was around) and several times at an apartment pool. Family and neighbors have seen me wearing it also. No one has ever said anything about it. Strap one on and enjoy yourself!