I've Always Thought That The One Piece Was More Feminine

i have both one and two piece suits but i always gravitate towards the one piece. maybe it's because a one piece hugs me better than a bikini maybe it's because a bikini reminds me too much of every day lingerie. don't know; don't care. i have one bikini and three one piece suits and i'm planning on getting another one piece soon.
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6 Responses Jan 14, 2013

I agree totally. There is nothing sexier than a one piece swimsuit. It would be so great if it was socially acceptable for men to wear them.

I love wearing a one piece swim suit

love seeing your little sissy wee wee in your profile pic

The one piece also seems to squeeze you where you need it the most to get that gurly figure while a bikini, unless you are ripped hides nothing and just lets it spill over. YUK!

I agree, a one piece is always snug and feels more erotic.

so very true

one piece are better

as you say

it hugs you