I used to go to work with a bra and panties and pantihose under my work clothes It has helped me get to wear I am today I got found out a couple of times when The ladies in the office came and gave me a hug and one lady discreetly came to me and rasked if I was wearing a bra ,I told her yes and she told me a story about how her husband used to wear his lingerie under his work clothes .She told me that he now goes to a club that supports men who like to wear women's fashion and she gave me the contact details .After a couple of months I asked her if I could go to the club night with her and her husband because I was a little nervous about being out dressed and meeting new people for the first time .So they gave me aride and the night wa fairly uneventful but had a lot of good and encouraging conversations .Now I am glad that this woman reached out to me because now most people know me as Abigail and I am loving life
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yes sammi , it's so great to have a lady friend to support ,add me too

How wonderful to have a lady friend to support you<br />
Hugs<br />