Love The Panty Feeling...

Today, I'm not wearing pants which means that my little penis is not snugly contained but poking out. It doesn't make much of an impression in my trousers but I prefer it to be flattened underneath tight fabric rather than pathetically trying to fill a bulging groin space in my jeans. I also prefer to wear womens jeans as they seem to fit my legs, buttocks and groin much better than mens jeans do!

I love the feel of my girlfriends sloggis tight against my abdomen pushing the nub of my little penis back into my body and carving a cameltoe between my tiny balls so that they appear to be labia topped with a bulging clitoris.

I often fantasise about being a woman but fear I'd be a total ****. I'd probably be a **** and *** hungry ***** and append most of the time with my legs in the air getting pounded by big fat meaty ***** and showered in globs of thick creamy stringy ***.

My favourite position would be on my back with my legs in the air and a man between them and another beside my head ******* my mouth.
andydu andydu
Jul 18, 2010