My Partner Asked Me To Try Her Underwear On...

Although my g/f says she's completely heter0sexual, she does not like alpha males and appears to like my feminine side especially when she conspires to make me wear tight underwear. Once she brought me off by vigourously rubbing my crotch. She had asked me to try on some control underwear that she said was too small for her. I put on the tight black control briefs and tucked my penis down into the gusset.
Although I was semi erect, my penis was forced in a downward position and she rubbed it like you might rub a clitoris. When I came, I soaked the panties but she made me wear them for the rest of the day. it was such a turn on walking around for the rest of the day with soaked panties on. Luckily I was wearing dark jeans!
andydu andydu
5 Responses Jul 18, 2010

have you worn panties again I suspect you have I hope so

Just go with it. Will be fun!

Andy, she's a keeper. Enjoy the ride.

Andy, I envy you! Since I do not have a gf to assist, that's exactly the way I fend for myself, too, though I often end up just walking around doing my housework in just the panties or with a slip over them as they dry.

Sounds like she whats to dress you up. Let her.