Wearing-under All The Time

I am one of those closeted hetersexual cross dressers that is perpetually frustrated by both not having enough time to dress or being attractive enough to every pass as a woman.  So I learned to compromise and always wear female lingerie under my male street clothes.  Since it is summer I am reduced to the minimum which is panties and light weight girdle.  Yet as soon as their is a cooling spell I will be back in camisole and hose.  When Fall comes allowing the excuse to wear something in addition to a shirt, I will add a bra (with flat cups of cours).  Under my pants I will often wear a long leg panty girdle over pantyhose or tights.  When it really gets cold I stay warm with winter weight tights, knees high socks, and a panty girdle whose legs reach just above my ankles.

I never just wear panties because I always want to be aware of my female underclothing.  If I did not notice I had it on, why wear it?

The result of all this is that I always feel like I am fooling everyone, by secretly dressing, yet at the same time it only adds to my desire to be able to dress up completely.

Kate Sands

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3 Responses Jul 28, 2010

Underdressing is very common (wearing lingerie etc, under male clothes). I enjoy it very much. I always underdress when I go lingerie shopping. I will leave the top button of my shirt undone so the sales lady can see the black lace of my camisloe. Enjoy.

I don't know your bra size but Catherines sells an A cup bra - Glamorise, Style 1010. A little pricey but very nice. They come in white or tan (they call it cafe). Enjoy

Whats really important is if you feel good , but I know what you mean by fooling people. If you are dressing for your own pleasure and your happy with the way it makes you feel, then the public need not know.