Coming Out To The Wife

Ok here we go. The wife and I have been married for over 40yrs. We went thru school together since the 3rd. grade. She is a year older than me and it was'nt until I was in my 20s that we started dating and then married. Our sex life was great and we both decided to try out sex toys. We would go to the 'Adult Book Stores' together and pick out things for each other. One day she picked out a pair of sheer briefs for me. Now let me tell you aside from being sheer they were junk , they felt like burlap. Nasty. About this time the underwear manufactors were bringing out nylon underwear for men and they were OK . They felt good but were not as light or as comfy as womens panties. Now I really was getting turned on by her panties and I started to express how unhappy I was with the mens underwear and I wished that I could find underwear like hers. I hinted around for months. One day she handed me a pair of her nylon panties ( pink) and it was the best gift ever. I pretty much wore them out. I wore them everywhere. In the meantime I was expressing my desire to wear other things like nylons and nightgowns. But she would just smile and I think she thought I was kidding. In the meantime the underwear manufactures stopped making nylon underwear for men. This was to much. We shop together all the time and one day in K-Marts she was buying panties (nylon hi-cuts in a pastel assortment pack) and I said pick me up a pack and she did. She said " now you have to wear them" , Im thinking yes you are so right . As time has moved on the wife now buys me panties , slips,hose
and is very OK with me wearing womens intimates everyday. She said one day , ' you think you are a crossdresser' I anwsered ' I'm a crossdresser and I love it' . She just smiled. We go to a lot of garage and yard sales and she knows my size and picks me up womens intimates all the time. My advice to any man that wants to 'COME OUT' to his wife is to ease her into it and if its her idea its even better. If you can get your wife to accept the fact thats its OK for men to wear womens intimates then you are in for a treat. I also would use the complaint that it was very unfair that women could wear mens boxers and such and men should be able to wear what makes them feel good.If ever you are asked how you feel let her know. I know at first I would not tell the wife how I felt and it was hard to let her know without the fear of rejection. You just have to plant the idea and after a while it will be her idea.
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Excellent. Thank you for sharing your experience. It was good to see that you were gentle in your approach but you let it be known without backing down. My first experience with a crossdressing man was not a good one because he did it for shock value at a restaurant. Not smart. If he had approached me with respect, I would have been fine with it. But his approach made me think he was a complete weirdo. He was anyway but this confirmed it. I respect men who respect women when it comes to lingerie. You have your own. I don't share intimates with others (women or men). I'm glad you and your wife have a solid marriage and allow each other to be comfortable.

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Thanks for your encouragement. Yes, it might happen one day that I will "come out" to her. All in due time I guess. <br />
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Thank you for sharing your wonderful story.<br />

What a great story and I admire your success. I've tried similar tactics - dropping hints about "how I'd like to get into your panties" and even gone so far as putting on a pair and showing her saying "Is this what I have to do to get into your panties?" Unfortunately, instead of being expresssing interest in me in panties it is "Take those off". Oh well. So, I'm still hiding in the lingerie drawer. <br />
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Enjoy some pretty Vanity Fairs together!

I envy you and your wife, Sally, and commend you for handling the situation so well. Thanks for sharing.