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Hi everyone, like most of you i too am a straight crossdresser... i have come to terms with my feelings for woman.. i discovered i have much more respect for them than other guys is know... in fact... i like them so much i like to dress up like them and be as feminine as possible.

But i have been single for a long time and in that time i discovered (or rather) rediscovered crossdressing. I would love to find a woman who will accept me as i am... i dont want to permanently change... but i have more and more outbreaks of kiyomi lately and i guess i just want to look pretty hahaha

Over here i cant seem to find any girls that are into this, so im trying to find out if there are infact girls that do like it.... please respond to me if you want to chat.. i have enough pictures and all to show what i look like and all...

I consider myself to more of a emo/scene crossdresser... i like to look elegant too but not like a drag queen i like to look as natural as i can... my inspirations are japanese and korean fashion, anime, games.. haha yes im a bit geeky...

Please let me know... i hope to find some nice people to shart shairng tips and stories
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Hi Kiyomi -
I just found your posting and wanted to say Hi! back. It amazes me that you haven't found any other crossdressers in Holland, but give it time and I am sure you will. I agree that, like you, I like the natural leaning to the elegant look too. Sounds to me like you are on the right track ...


I'm a CD as well. Dressing up takes a lot more work than I thought too!! So much clothes, things to match, etc. Hope you can share more pictures and stories on there!