The Forbidden Fruit

I think it all starts out as an innocent curiosity when we were young. Why we were drawn to it will probably never be able to be fully explained.

I don't think it takes a P.H.D. to understand once a boy experiences the silky softness of lingerie he's going to want more of it.

Maybe for many it never goes beyond the comfort of just wearing panties. Speaking for myself and I think many others. Discovering the pleasures of wearing panties is just the tip of the iceburg.

You get a tast of the forbidden fruit, lightning didn't strike you dead and your penis didn't fall off
The desire for further exploration seems to be overpowering. When your in your mothers drawers stealing her panties, how can one not resist the temtation to try on her other silky delights.

I know for me this turned into the ultimate candy drawer. From panties to slips and layered chiffon nightgowns. I found the excitement of playing dress-up in all these silky things overpowering.

As I grew older and puberty set in the pleasures I got from all of this became even more exciting and led to my first ****** in my mothers panties.

When I reached my late teens my interest in women and their feminity grew. My interest in feminine clothing also grew. I now had a desire to feel what it's like to wear a dress over the lingerie I so loved. It was fantastic! Bras, nylons and high heels weren't far behind.

Phase 3: It wasn't until I was married that my desire to see myself totally feminized hit me. I had access to all my wifes make-up. I bought myself a wig and when the opportunity was there I went all out. To my amazement I looked passable! Now What?...

I now have exposed the entire iceburg. I have been out in public enjoying the freedom of the clothes I so love to wear. I have experienced an adventure to the other side of the femce. Experiencing from the inside out all the fun associated with being feminine.

None of this has ever changed my love for women. It has only drawn me closer to them. I maintain a secret desire to imulate them and when stress becomes more than I can handle as a man.. I enjoy escaping to the wounderful world of femininity.

In conclussion, I am a happly married, successful man who maintains balance by still wearing all the lingerie I grew to enjoy so much. This is a daily part of my life and I have no problems with it and I will go to my grave in panties.

I told my wife I wanted to be burried in a nightgown and not a stuffy suit. I'm sure that won't happen. But I'll never know. LOL..

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My passion started around 5 (1953) when I would take my sisters slips into bed with me. We shared a bed room for a short while. My mother looked at this practice as an extention of the 'satin blankie' that I loved so much and did not make a big deal out of it. My wearing started when my mother and sister would wash and hang their stockings in the bathroom. One day it just hit me to put a pair of stockings on. My borrowing began from there until I could buy my own.

It sounds like your journey has been very similar to mine, except that I did not reach phase 3 until a few years ago. Unfortunately though, I cannot pass in public, as my face is just too masculine looking. However, I can dress at home and my girlfriend doesn't mind; we have been together for decades. Like you, I love women and I love their clothes. Dressing like them helps to bring me closer to them.

You put it so well the real desire after the first pair of silky panties are slid on when about age 9, the feeling next to skin, the material the softness, something that is never forgotten ever.
Something that develops further over the years.

I started much earlier; age 4 or 5.

I had looked at them by that age and felt them but only started wearing them when I was age 9, a lovely pastime and way of life.

It really is lovely! I'm not sure why men aren't worthy of silky fun clothing, but I don't mind going against the grain and being true to me while enjoying these things.

Being taboo does add some spice to the experience.
There's a good reason why were not allowed to wear silky fun clothing.
It's because it is so much fun and arrousing. Don't know about you, but I can't stop foundling myself when I'm wearing my lingerie. Another taboo is ************ in lingerie. It's OK for women to have ****** for their own pleasure, but I guess it's wrong for men to have lingerie to pleasure themselves in. And that's another story.

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I think I I'm a better man because of my dressing. I'm in this for the long haul. I too am successful as a male but I dress up to relax and just plain like it.

My wife knows and accepts so it's something we share. For me though I started with hosiery and it expanded from there.

Good for you! ;-) Did your mom ever find out you were borrowing her panties and then other items of her lingerie? I never borrowed my mom's because growing up from the age of 6 she bought me my own.