Seems Impossible To Find A Crossdresser To Date

I'm a single girl and would love to date a crossdresser BUT I would want this to be with a staright male and it be kept inside the bedroom. Any tips?
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8 Responses Jan 13, 2013

yes....I'm your man ....:-)

I am a cross dressing straight male and I find it hard to find girls as accepting as u.

To an EP User= We are out here and would love to date a women that could embrace the fact that we love the feel of the silky nylon's and such. I love to wear everything female,love the sexy feel.

I'm kinda a crossdresser i wear thongs and I'm straight

i love wearing panites and im a strait guy. kinda weird but i would love to find a girl that will rock my world in the bed room.

Perhaps, with a specific site like this one, you could share a little about yourself; your age, your age preference of the male, anything like that would help i would say. As a 23 year old, straight, male that buys and wears my own panties, ( though not a crossdresser ), it is easy enough to show interest in someone like you.

I joined fet life & have had messages off a range of people, still seems to be more married men though. Thanks for your response!

The happy hunting ground for straight crossdressers is in the audience at drag shows.

There are plenty of us guys out there... you just never know who does crossdress in the privacy of their house and who doesn't.... I wish I had some advice for you, but I can't think of any.

Thanks for your reply, I only ever seem to find unhappily married men who can't do it at home :-( and it's just not fair on anyone :-(

I know if you live in a larger town/city you are more likely to find someone. I live in a small town in a very conservative part of the country. One thing you can do is start noticing the type of clothes men are wearing. Check to see if they are wearing a bra out in public. Look if the bend down, are their panties showing?