How I Started

It started in about 9th grade. I keep getting my sisters bras and underwear back from the wash (witch my mom did) so one night I tried them on it felt so great how they felt and knowing I could be caught. So I held on them for a few days then I returned them saying mom gave me this in the wash. Then one day I was home alone I went and took a pink bra and panties and put them on. I looked good!! So then I went and put a mini skirt on and a hot top. Then I put so music and pretended I was a striper. I got everything off down to the bra and underwear then I decided I was going to use my exercise machine as a ******** pole. (It had a butterfly press and arm press on it right above each other) So I stared humping the butterfly press then I got feeling for the first time. Then I ***. It felt so good. I enjoyed it for awhile them I washed the panties and put everything backed. I did this for a while. Then I start getting board so I went out and bought a women thong. I counted to do the same thing or I just *********** in them. I soon then got a garter belt and hose. It just got even better. Then I started stealing my sister make up. I steel go out and by more thongs. It so much fun and it feels so good and naughty. By the way I am straight.

thongbill thongbill
18-21, M
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i wish i had sisters