Wife Makes Me Wear Panties

My wife loves me in panties and she has been making me wear panties 24/7; nice satin ones, solids pastels, and floral prints. I love it and so does she! She gave me a spanking the other evening and it was hot! I had came in my panties. Check out our profile for more about us.
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3 Responses Jun 29, 2010

My girlfriend not only makes me wear panties all the time, but we often match. She has shaved me, pushes my balls up, and uses duct tape to pull my penis back between my cheeks. I am as flat as she is. She insists on making love like this all the time. We rub our ******* together, it is such an incredible turn-on, I can't come, but stay aroused all the time. It is spectacular. I wear thongs and little panties most of the time.

My wife makes me wear panties 24/7 and some time thongs. At nite I have my own little nite gowns I wear and some matching panty and bra set. Her and her friends think its cute plus my best friend that cuckold me always tells her that those clothes fit me better anyway

My wife likes me to wear her panties and she wears the briefs. She makes me lay down on my stomach as she humps my *** with her *****. One time she brought me a red sexy lingerie and showed it to my mother. My other thought she was going to wear it. She made me wear it that night. She grabbed me and humped me from behind, she bit my ears and whispered in my ear I was the woman and that she was the man. I was so turned on as she dominated me that I came in the red panties of the lingerie. She sucks my nipples as if she was the man. He likes to belt my *** once in a while. She gets on top missionary position and humps me. She likes to make love with her on top and that is the only way she ****.