Wear Panties Full Time

I wear panties full time, I don't even own any "male" underwear, if I could I would also wear a bra. I feel so complete when I am dressed in my panties, I am planning on starting hormones very soon and can't wait for the changes to begin.
Terresalee Terresalee
46-50, T
2 Responses Jul 25, 2010

I also only have panties have stopped wearing male pants now and feel better,more comfy and a lot sexier,also wear full womens clothes in house and occassionally venture out.

I also wear my panties and nylons and a garter belt every day and my bras in cooler weather so i can hide them under a heavy sweat shirt. And i also do not own any male underwear. Not one pair i must even go to doctors appointments dressed in my female undies