Getting Text About The Panties I Had On...

Some years ago I worked for a large insurance company and had a team that consisted of six women and one guy and my boss was also a woman. As it was a smart environment I was of course in suits all the time but that was compensated in the fact that most of the women including my team wore skirt suits and smart blouses to work too. I love it when a woman wears smart clothes and skirts and especially lovely pantyhose and heels. Anyway, I used to get quite hot most days seeing all those gorgeous clothes, even though not all the women were exactly glamourous, they all looked good.

To help me get over my jealousy of seeing them get all the good stuff to wear and because I thought it was quite naughty, i used to go into work each day with nail varnished toes and a pair of silky or lacey panties on. I thought this was great especially in meetings with my team as I used to try and guess which ones of us were wearing pretty panties, which ones were in plain and which ones of us had nail varnish on. I used to think that if it was a game show they wouldn't be guessing it was me!

After about a year, following a Christmas party I ended up secretly dating one of the women on my team. It was secret because she was married although she told me that she was going to leave him and that she just needed to sort things out before we could be together. i guess I was playing the role that so many women have done in the past, the gullible "other".

Anyway, she was very hot in bed, and loved all sorts of sex games, toys the works. Of course it didn't take long before I had told her about my "perversion" and she loved it from day one. We made love so many times whilst I was dressed and that was a fantastic thrill.

Early on in the relationship and after finding out about me she asked if I ever wore anything at work and I told her about my game of "who is wearing what". Well that she thought was great fun as well. At first she insisted I carry on wearing panties to work and would get me to wear the ones that she wore that night in the morning under my trousers "to let me remember her". Then the texting started. We used to be in meetings and I had my phone on vibrate only and in my pocket. She would sit across from me and catch my eye everynow and then and then I saw her texting secretly under the table. As my female boss was talking I would get texts like "what panties do you think sally is wearing? - bet yours are prettier x x" or "I hope you are wetting my panties right now xxx" or even "I am going to lean over to Kim and tell her that you are wearing red frilly panties and have nail varnish on unless you tell me what you are going to do to me xxxxx". I would then have to text her back with my opinions on our collegues panties and what sexual delights I would be giving her at home that was a devine time!
SusanMarina SusanMarina
May 21, 2012