Most Always

for the most part i were panties all the time to work and play, there was a time that they were replaced with a diaper, but that is a different story

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Wearing panties to work and at home!! Can help with your depression. I always feel better when wearing panties and other things like a nightie to bed. I don't know if it is possible to wear the other items but when I dress it takes the stress away. So keep on wearing your panties to work. And buy some pretty ones for yourself!!!

today i have on pink panties with yellow lace trim to work

I too wear panties all the time.

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I always wore panties to school then work and whenever I could, girdle or corselette and stockings. Most of the time. I now dress fully nearly all the time, in or out.

Every day to office, and at home and over weekends and holidays<br />
Hugs<br />

I do too ... Hanes for her.