Panties to Work

I ahve not  worn mens  uidies for over  12  years.  I prefer  full  briefs,  but like  very  feminine panties  that are silky, bright  colors and often  lacey.    I get most of my panties made for  me  thru  Ebay.  They  feel so  nice  but I do not get arroused as  actually panties  seems to soften my male  sexual impulses.    Jean Marie

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4 Responses Mar 9, 2009

I wear panties 24/7 but it's for comfort not sexual as I read many dress to get these urges.I wear full or hi hip panties but not thong's or G strings

I dress because n I know its what is right for me, same reasons I had my orchy done and I am on HRT. I was meant to be a woman.

Theres a bunch of sellers that sell pantiers for CDs. some sell ready made panties, some hand make panties to order. Last feew years I am using the same seamstress. yes the panties cost more custom made but I get perfect fit and exactly what I want. mif you are serious I will give you her info she really does nice workmanshop


I love to wear panties too. How didd you find the EBay source?

I find the same true but I do constantly enjoy the thong in my *** this always arouses me to a point just feeling the wonderfulness of it.