Do Dress Pants Show Visible Panty Lines??

I've been wearing panties to work (and job interviews!) every day for the last 6 months, and never gave it a thought.  Do dress pants (and suit pants) show panty lines?  Have my co-workers (and prospective employers!) been checking out my panties??

Wearing a nice pair of panties that complement my suit has always made me feel confident and at ease during job interviews.  Have I been sabotaging my chances for a new job by inadvertently showing visible panty lines?

I LOVE thongs, and, of course, they completely eliminate panty lines.  But they tend to ride up above the back of my pants. I certainly don't want to flash "whale tail" during an interview!

I'd HATE to have to start wearing MEN"s underwear again (YUCK!) And I've thrown all of my male drab underpants away, anyway. What should I do??

NaturalAndHealthy NaturalAndHealthy
31-35, T
Jul 24, 2009