If Only The Other Guys Knew

Im in construction and I ware my panties alot when I work. It feels soooo sexy to know im warring my secret softness under my rough jeans. I love my feminine side. She keeps me balancedDennis / Denise
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3 Responses Feb 9, 2010

What would you do if there was a guy that you worked with yet disliked very much, and you noticed one day as he bent over that he was wearing panties? Would you: <br />
- out him as a "f*g" to the other guys in hopes that he would quite<br />
- let him know you saw his panties and try to blackmail him<br />
- compliment him on his panties and show him your panties<br />
- keep quite<br />
- none of the above

I use to work construction, makes you wonder just how many of those big rough-tough construction workers are wearing panties :)

Secrets are always fun. I love going to my conservative job on Monday and thinking about the wild things my wife and I did last weekend!