Alone At The Office, Again

It is a Saturday but I had to go in to the office for about a half day. Our office isn't huge, just big enough for about six cubicles and some tables. I got to my desk and started doing paper work but could't resist loosening my pants just a little and slipping my hand down the front to feel my panties; I was wearing a pair of white nylon full cut briefs, Dixie Belle size 7. Back to the computer and the paper work.... for a while at least. It wasn't long before I had my pants down around my ankles and my shirt pulled up. I didn't expect anyone to pay me a visit and the door was locked so the next thing I knew my shoes and pants were off. What a rush to be setting there in my panties at work, the same place where normally there isn't a moment of privacy. I wish I could have brought up some panty pictures on my computer but my company keeps tight reign on what we can do and visit on the net. Besides I was wearing panties and stroking myself, I didn't really need more stimulus. Luckily I had some tissue in my desk drawer to clean myself up with after chocking the chicken until it spit up.

Fireguy365 Fireguy365
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1 Response Feb 20, 2010

One evening I was home and relaxing in my nightgown and realized there were some files I needed from the office, so I put on my lace robe over my nightgown and some flip-flops, drove to the office, retreived the files and went back home.